The ‘blauwe as’ in Assen

The canal which crosses the centre of Assen, is not navigable in its present state because of the fixed bridges which impede passage. In order to make the centre more attractive, a project called the  ‘Blauwe As’ has been developed with the objective of making the canal entirely navigable once again. One of the project components of the ‘Blauwe As’, is a sub-project called the ‘Sluis Havenkwartier’ (Harbour District Lock)  in which a navigation lock will be constructed northwards of the centre in order to span a difference in water height of about 2.5 metres.

GEO2 Engineering B.V. has been commissioned by MHPoly to make the geotechnical design of the cofferdam which forms the upper and lower reach of the lock. At the same time, an analysis has been made of  how the groundwater level will influence the surrounding area as a consequence of the raised water level in the ‘Havenkwartier’.