Underpass Kanaalweg, Leiden

The Underpass Project of the Kanaalweg in Leiden consists of the realisation of a rail(way) underpass and the improvement of the Kanaalweg between the Lorentzkade and the Plantijnstraat. The underpass replaces the existing level-intersection of the Kanaalweg with the rail track between Leiden and Alphen aan den Rijn. The aim of this project is improvement in safety as well as improving the flow of traffic.  Moreover, this rail(way) underpass is a requirement in connection with the increased train frequency on the rail section Leiden-Utrecht. The Underpass was commissioned by ProRail and will be carried out by Max Bögl. The work started in the spring of 2016 and will take about one-and-a-half years.

GEO2 Engineering B.V. has been commissioned by Max Bögl to work out the geotechnical design for the permanent underpass as well as facilitating the temporary works. Bearing in mind that the new rail(way) underpass will be realised immediately next to the existing railway bridge and the Kanaalbrug (Canal Bridge), the emphasis in this project is on the influence of vibrations and deformations and their effect on the  surroundings. Besides the geotechnical design of the underpass and temporary works, GEO2 has also carried out the preparatory work for supplementary research and risk management which included historical research, supplementary research planning, risk analysis and monitoring plan.