Underpass for Hurdegaryp and Feanwâlden

The ‘Centrale As’ is a new road in north-eastern Friesland, in the Netherlands. The road will be constructed as dual-carriageway, and is thus the most important traffic artery in the area.

The new road crosses over or under all the existing roads and drainage canals (at different levels). This means that there is less traffic on the smaller local roads in the area, including more road safety in the villages. The (new) road also ensures better accessibility to the area.

GEO2 Engineering B.V. has been commissioned by the firm of contractors Max Bögl to be responsible for the geotechnical design concerning the auto-underpass, the artificial polder constructions with geomembrane liners and the Kûkhernewei viaduct.

The most efficient and practical way of  sliding-in the railway decks when the railway was closed, formed an extra challenge for the entire project team.