Tender for embankment reinforcement, Den Oever

GEO2 Engineering B.V. has provided geotechnical advice to Beens Group B.V. relating to the tender for the embankment reinforcement work at Den Oever. This work related to the stability of the embankment. The existing buildings immediately behind the embankment and the surrounding boundaries to the embankment constituted the real challenge.

These limitations require the use of both vertical stability protection and new techniques for the strengthening of embankments, so that the relevant requirements for safety of primary water dams can be met. This work includes attention to the stability of the slopes of the inside and outside walls, piping, heave and crack formation behind the embankment. These mechanisms are assessed using the guidelines drawn up by Deltares in the ‘Design of stability protection for primary water dams’. For this purpose the software programmes D-Geo Stability and Plaxis 2D have been used.