Determination of crane stability during the demolition of the Churchill apartment block, Uithoorn

In Uithoorn the Housing Corporation Eigen Haard, together with other parties, is busy with the redevelopment of a new residential location called ‘Europarei Midden (phase 2)’. In this project, 3 apartment blocks are to be demolished to make place for new homes.

Prior to the preparation of the phase 2 project location for building construction and later habitation, the Churchill block of flats is to be demolished. For this purpose, a demolition crane is to be used, which will stand on a raised area about 3 metres high, built up from building waste material covered with a load-bearing framework.

The Housing Corporation Eigen Haard has commissioned  GEO2 Engineering B.V. to investigate the load-bearing capacity of the foundation of the site, and the macro-stability of the temporary planned position of the demolition crane.