De Groene Boog, A16, Rotterdam

Rijkswaterstaat is constructing a new motorway, the A16 Rotterdam, to improve accessibility and liveability in the Rotterdam region.

This is an 11 kilometre-long main road between the A16/A20 at Terbregseplein and the A13 at Rotterdam The Hague Airport and is located on the north eastern perimeter of Rotterdam. Contracted by Rijkswaterstaat, De Groene Boog, a consortium comprising Besix, Dura Vermeer, Van Oord, TBI, Rebel and John Laing, will realise the A16 Rotterdam project. The project is a DBFM contract and the costs for constructing the new road are approximately 1 billion euro.

The project partly comprises a road on an embankment and a large number of structures, both temporary and permanent (around 20), including a land tunnel under ‘Lage Bergsche Bos’ park. The project’s conditions are a geotechnical challenge as large sections of the route need to be constructed on extremely soft soil.

Three geotechnical engineers from GEO2 are involved with the site engineering team. GEO2 is responsible for project management of the site engineering geotechnical team. This team is, amongst other things, responsible for:

  • Releasing the plots; analysing settlement gauge monitoring data of the embankments and checking these against surface settlement requirements
  • Calculating crane stability for multiple crane configurations needed to realise the structures
  • Design of temporary earth shoring to enable the realisation of structures and embankments
  • Design issues still to be resolved from and modifications to the Final Design; extremely diverse such as EPS classification specification, foundation advice, water management structures, optimisation of phases, etc.

GEO2 started the project in 2020 and this is currently ongoing.

For more information: see the A16 Rotterdam project website.