Spieringshoek, Schiedam

Like many municipalities in the Netherlands, Schiedam is also facing subsidence challenges.

The soil types in this municipality comprising of thick layers of clay and peat, are particularly prone to subsidence. The public area of Schiedam’s Spieringshoek district has been elevated regularly since its construction and has experienced considerable subsidence partly because of this. As this is an undesirable situation (including problems with home utility connections and sewage systems) measures will need to be taken when the district is re-elevated to its original construction level.

A solution needs to be found in using lightweight filling and banking material.

GEO2 Engineering B.V. was asked to conduct a geotechnical analysis and design a solution for the public area reconstruction. Prior to issuing geotechnical advice, GEO2 supervised the geotechnical soil and laboratory survey.

As well as an extensive analysis of the soil’s subsidence behaviour in the past, five types of lightweight filling and banking material were investigated to determine their practical suitability for Schiedam’s situation. The extent to which materials meet additional requirements relating to costs, feasibility and infiltration possibilities was also investigated. This eventually resulted in geotechnical design advice to ensure that the elevation/reconstruction satisfies the set subsidence and other requirements.