Middelberterweg Underpass, Meerstad

Living, nature, water and leisure provisions are being constructed at Meerstad, an area between Groningen and Slochteren. As Meerstad is set to grow in the coming years, a main access road is being planned between Meerstad and Groningen.

Part of the main access road is the underpass beneath the existing Middelberteweg. The underpass will be constructed by Salverda Bouw B.V. and comprises a concrete box culvert base on piles. The underpass will be constructed in a dry construction pit using sheet piling and a natural polder. GEO2 Engineering B.V. was asked to produce both the geotechnical provisional design as well as the geotechnical final design.

GEO2 Engineering BV is, among other things, responsible for:

  • Outlining the hydrological starting points using piezometer data;
  • Designing the temporary construction pit including: the press in capacity of sheet pilewalls required level and structural testing of the temporary sheet piling, checks on hydraulic ruptures when excavating the construction pit and a dewatering analysis of the effect on the environment;
  • The structure’s pile foundation design;
  • A vibration analysis, including a risk assessment of damage to adjacent structures as a result of vibrations that occur when driving the foundation piles and during vibratory sheet piling installation.
  • A stability analysis of the permanent slopes on the inside of the structure.