Windplanblauw, Flevoland

The Windplanblauw Project is developed by Vattenfall and SwifterwinT.

The Province of Flevoland has designated four project areas within the Wind Power Flevoland Regional Plan that can be used for the removal of existing wind turbines and the construction of new wind turbines. Windplanblauw is one of these project areas.

The existing wind turbines in the Windplanblauw project area will be removed and a total of 61 new wind turbines will be constructed. Windplanblauw comprises 37 Onshore wind turbines and 24 Nearshore wind turbines (on the IJsselmeer lake). The Onshore wind turbines have a tip height of 213 m and 248 m.

Dura Vermeer was given the contract to construct the foundations for the Onshore wind turbines including wind farm roads, cabling and crane hardstands and temporary and permanent bridges.

GEO2 Engineering B.V. is responsible for extensive analysis of the anticipated deformation of the crane hardstands during use. The contract focuses on the expected deformation resulting from the normative crane activities of the proposed tracked and crawler cranes. The relatively soft subsurface within the project area in the north of Flevoland and the considerable crane loads makes these deformation analyses particularly challenging.

The implemented analyses are based on Plaxis 3D modelling of various normative crane loads on the crane hardstands.

If you would like to know more about Windplanbauw, visit the projectwebsite for information.