Twente Canals Upgrade

Within the Twente Canals Upgrade phase 2 project, the almost 90-year-old canal is being expanded to enable larger and more heavily laden vessels to navigate the Twente Canals faster and safer and to improve access to the canal harbours. To this end, the current shore and bank structures are also being replaced and nature-friendly banks are being constructed.

Rijkswaterstaat has awarded the works for this final phase to the Van Oord – Hakkers – Beens consortium. The implementation works will start in spring 2021 and are expected to be complete by end 2022.

GEO2 Engineering B.V. has been involved within the technical team via Hakkers B.V. since March 2020. We also remained involved after the award. We are responsible for producing sheet pile calculations and various geotechnical considerations.

The challenges in this project include managing the groundwater management, water safety and implementation planning risks. Risks relating to soil structure are also important. These aspects have direct and indirect impact on the selected integrated design and construction method, with detailed PLAXIS calculations being needed for what initially appears to be a simple shoring structure and bank defence. GEO2 Engineering B.V.’s knowledge and expertise can be put to good use here to achieve a robust and sustainable but particularly cutting-edge design for the future situation.

The website contains more information about this special project: Twentekanalen: verruimen vaarweg | Rijkswaterstaat