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GEO2 Engineering B.V. is a geotechnical firm of Consulting Engineers (Engineers Bureau) which gives geotechnical advice for national and international projects, both within the Netherlands and abroad. Our guiding principle is that we think along with the client, always seeking an appropriate and feasible construction solution for each specific situation rather than the ease of ‘ready-made’ solutions. This can vary from simple wooden sheet piles to complex construction pits, from foundations for a house to visually-prominent and imposing bridges and from a dike to an impressive dam.


From small projects to large infrastructure projects. From national to international. From advice to design reviews, GEO2 thinks along with you! Below you will find a selection of our recent projects and projects already completed.

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We are regularly looking for enthusiastic geotechnical engineers with experience or who have recently obtained their college degree (in Geo-Engineering or Hydraulic Engineering) who want to pursue a career in the geotechnical industry.

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