GEO2 Engineering B.V. has a great deal of experience in the design of building excavation sites in  inner-urban areas and elsewhere. Aspects which play an important role are the design of the building excavation boundaries and their influence on adjacent buildings, as well as the design of an underwater concrete floor, if needed, and its anchorage. In this case, we can also give advice on dewatering/drainage. Other aspects which are equally important are the boundary conditions such as the maximum permissible deformation of adjacent buildings, the permissible vibration levels and the constructability of the design. GEO2 has the expertise to examine all of these aspects in an integral manner, or to look at them separately, bearing in mind the prevailing national or international geotechnical standards.

Depending on what is required, we can make use of the appropriate software such as the D-Serie and GeoStudio software, a finite element package such as Plaxis (2D/3D) for geotechnical calculations and MicroFEM for calculating dewatering/drainage in the area.

Are you curious to see a practical example? Please click on the reference project-button. You will be directed to our project ‘Underpass Kanaalweg, Leiden, The Netherlands’ (‘Onderdoorgang Kanaalweg Leiden’).