Ing.* E. (Erik) Cevaal

Senior Geotechnical Engineer

Erik graduated from the Hogeschool Zeeland in Civil Engineering in 2010. His graduation project ‘Vertical equilibrium and anchor stability in sheet-piling constructions’** led naturally to his involvement in geotechnics.

In 2010 he started as a project consultant in geotechnics in one of the larger building and construction companies in the Netherlands. Through the successful handling of a large number of projects of varied sizes and characteristics (for example in infrastructural and hydraulic engineering works, car-parking garages and railway underpasses) he has acquired much know-how over an extensive range of geotechnical challenges. During the first five years of his career, Erik became well-informed in the different processes within project work, forms of contract and systems-engineering and has been involved in the various phases of projects from tenders to on-site engineering. He has become a well-grounded all-rounder consultant.

Erik has been working as geotechnical engineer with GEO2 Engineering B.V. since 2015. He has been responsible for solving geotechnical problems in a wide range of different projects, including The Underpass Project of the Kanaalweg Leiden, the Egbert Gorter Bridge in Almelo and the A9 Gaasperdammer Motorway (IXAS South-East). These projects relied on his core contributions from technical knowledge, customer orientation, inventiveness, creativity and focus on achieving an effective solution.

Erik is especially an involved and motivated team-player who can provide an important contribution on geotechnics for many multi-disciplinary project teams.

* The ‘Ing.’ Diploma is the European equivalent of a Bachelor’s Degree
** This is an approximate (unofficial) English translation of the original Dutch title: ‘Verticaal evenwicht en ankerstabiliteit van damwandconstructies.’