Ir.* R.M. (Rianne) Verhoef

Geotechnical Engineer

Rianne graduated from the Technical University of Delft with a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering, specialising in Geotechnics. Her graduation project in 2015 handled ‘Horizontally loaded piles in embankments’** and this was a part of the future SBR CUR*** publication C206 Dolphins.

Since graduation, Rianne has worked on various projects within GEO2 Engineering B.V. These activities include the calculation of settlement analyses for the laying out  of shallow zones in the Ketelmeer and Zwarte Meer, the carrying out of Plaxis analyses for the demolition and rebuilding of the recovery settling tank under the Rijnkade next to the Catherijnesingel in Utrecht and the design of a cofferdam using Plaxis 2D in conformance with the CUR 166 protocol for the ‘Blauwe As’ project in Assen, and analyses of  foundations for various off-shore wind turbines.

Rianne is a practice-oriented engineer with a good understanding of the interaction between construction and  soil. On behalf of GEO2 Engineering B.V., Rianne is also a member of the Plaxis Development  Community.

The ‘Ir.’ Diploma is the European equivalent of a Master’s Degree
** This is an approximate (unofficial) English translation of the original Dutch title: ‘Horizontaal belaste palen in het talud.’
*** Joint venture between [approx. English translation] SBR - ‘Foundation for Building Research’ and CUR – ‘Civil Engineering Centre for Implementation Research & Regulations in the Netherlands’.